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David Gault sees patients of all ages, from birth upwards, and approximately equal numbers of men and women. All consultations take place in his clinics. Approximately one third of problems he sees have resulted from surgery at other centres which did not meet expectation.

Adult clinic schedules are as follows: the Clementine Churchill Hospitals (Tuesday lunchtimes 12-2), the Platinum Medical Centre, Wellington Hospital (Wednesday mornings 8–1), The Portland Hospital (Wednesday afternoons 2-5), and the Cadogan Clinic (some Wednesday evenings 6-8). The location of these hospitals can be found on the contact page.

Paediatric clinics are as follows: are as follows: the Platinum Medical Centre, Wellington Hospital (Wednesday mornings 8–1) and The Portland Hospital (Wednesday afternoons 2-5).

Mr Gault speaks English and French. He has a reasonable grasp of Spanish and Arabic, but patients who speak no English are best advised to bring along an interpreter. 

Patients who live at a distance from his clinics, and especially those living outside the UK, may wish to consult initially by video on Skype in order to ascertain what the likely solution might be. The final assessment would still need to be made face to face, but a Skype consultation can enable Mr Gault to advise you of the various options and can be a convenient and efficient step for some patients in planning their visit. Your photographs and a good video Skype connection are vital when taking up such a consultation.

We have standard fees for certain procedures such as ear reconstruction for microtia, set back of ears and earlobes, and ear and ear lobe reduction. Please note, however, that these fees assume that you have not already had surgery in other centres which has not met expectation.

Consultation fees are due on booking, unless you have an authorisation from an accepted insurer. Insurance cover for consultation or surgery is nowadays usually limited by insurers to ear lesions, ear cancers or for ear pain due to chondrodermatitis.


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