Keloids, Darwin's Tubercle, Pre-Auricular Tags, Pits & Sinuses

Keloid Scarring

Keloids of the ear sometimes develop at a piercing site. It is normally possible to directly excise the keloid and to keep future scarring at bay with a combination of steroid injection and laser treatment.


‘Bumps’ and Clefts

A bump on the helical rim is a common finding, often referred to as a Darwin’s tubercle. Clefts of the ear and ear lobe occur when two or more of the hillocks which form the ear during development fail to join together normally.

Pre-Auricular Skin Tags

Pre-auricular skin tags are very common. Sometimes the tags are of skin only, but usually the tag contains a long tail of cartilage extending into the cheek.

If the "stalk" of the tag is relatively narrow, and the cartilage component relatively minor, tags can be removed soon after birth using an elegant clip device called a Liga Clip, which requires no anaesthetic. The clip cuts off the blood supply to the tag, and after a few days, the tag shrivels and separate. The sooner after birth the clip is applied, the better, and parents considering the removal of their new baby's pre-auricular deformity are recommended to make an early appointment.


Tags with a substantial cartilage core are best treated by excision of the skin tag and cartilage spindle under general anaesthetic, preferably when baby is over the age of 2 or 3 years.

Pits and sinuses

Pre-auricular sinuses can be difficult to excise and may recur after treatment. Very occasionally the sinuses track deeply near to the facial nerve. They often occur on both sides and frequently cause no trouble. However, if recurrent infections occur which fail to settle with antibiotics, surgical excision is appropriate.

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